Project Portfolio

Information Technology

IT Refresh
Institute for Water Services (IWR)
US Army Corps of Engineers
The U.S. Army Engineer Institute for Water Resources (IWR) lacked support services for their LAN, high-level network and desktop systems. To increase productivity and reduce downtime for network and PC issues, EyakTek provided support services for their LAN, as well as high-level network consulting and all software and hardware—from the firewall to desktop PCs. Project included set up, installation, configuration and troubleshooting.

SAN System Upgrade
Investigative Data Warehouse (IDW) Initiative
FBI Headquarters

The customer lacked the appropriate hardware to meet the storage and configuration requirements needed by their IDW (Investigative Data Warehouse) system. EyakTek implemented a baseline storage configuration that included a three node cluster in the IDW test and integration environment, and 2 clusters in IDW production. The EyakTek team performed the installation and integration with previously installed SAN storage, as well as performed system testing. The IDW effort introduced an additional 4 terabytes of storage into the system and provides quicker data access.

SAN Design
National Institute for
Standards and Technology

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) faced challenges by the lack of a centralized storage solution. EyakTek performed an analysis and developed the architecture for a Storage Area Network (SAN) that would allow the agency to increase storage capacity while simplifying administration and reducing costs. The SAN configuration included HP servers and Cisco routers to support DataCore software, designed to allow NIST to dynamically allocate space and manage the SAN. An EMC disk storage device provided the heart of the SAN solution, providing the physical storage space for data. EyakTek provided all the hardware and software and managed the design, installation, and configuration of the solution.

SAN System Upgrade
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Department of Interior

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) identified the need to expand their existing Storage Area Network (SAN) capabilities. Not only did the agency require additional storage capacity, they were in need of high speed replication capabilities between the two sites that formed the basis of their wide area network. EyakTek provided the design and equipment for an upgrade of BIA’s SAN solution and the addition of Network Attached Storage (NAS) functionality in one centrally managed storage system. This solution equipped the customer with the ability to properly retain all BIA data as well as maintain continuity of operations in any disaster scenario.

AV Technical Support
Telepsychological Health Program
U.S. Army

Southeast Regional Medical Command contracted EyakTek to provide five qualified on-site video teleconference (VTC) technicians – one per location – to support the Telepsychological Health (TPH) programs at five Military Treatment Facilities (MTF) that include Ft Gordon, Ft Benning, Ft Campbell, Ft Stewart and Ft. Jackson.

Our technicians serve as VTC support for the Assistant Chief of Staff for Clinical Operations, and oversee the day-to-day operations and technical functionality of the facilities’ tele-health equipment. They are accountable for all equipment including installation of high-definition Telepresence VTC units and their placement within each facility, and certification of installed equipment for multi-point conference calls.Tasks also include guidance and training, maintenance, scheduling of VTC calls, including point-to-point and multi-point calls for TPH patients; and status reporting.

VTC Upgrade

Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) is headquartered in Washington DC, with seven regional and one satellite office located across the United States (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Brea, CA). FLRA was unable to conduct video conferencing events successfully to all sites on a consistent basis with its existing system. To meet their requirements and improve the user experience, EyakTek upgraded their video conferencing system to a more cost-efficient, IP-based system that allows customers to schedule and conduct video conference calls to all sites with improved data and voice transmissions.

AV Infrastructure
Multiple Threat Awareness Center
NCIS, U.S. Navy

The NCIS Multiple Threat Alert Center (MTAC) is the Dept. of Navy’s fusion, analysis and dissemination center for terrorist, criminal counterintelligence & security information. MTAC supports both classified and unclassified streaming of live video from hot spots with CONUS and OCONUS. MTAC is a large facility with over 150 employees. To support their mission, EyakTek provided MTAC with an audiovisual technology system upgrade, including plasma screens housed in custom cabinetry, cabling and computer hardware consolidation via blade servers. EyakTek handled the provisioning of product, installation and build outs, project managing the completion of the job under a very tight timeframe.

AV Solution
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers HQ

At the USACE Headquarters’ in Washington, D.C., EyakTek was responsible for upgrading the audiovisual equipment in the Command Conference Room, the Chief’s Conference Room, and the 6th Floor Conference Room. This involved removing old equipment, testing the cabling and equipment that was to be reused, and provisioning and installing two video wall systems, including plasma screens, video recorders, microphone system, video scalers, and integrated controllers. EyakTek handled the cabling, configuration testing, validation, and training on the new systems.

AV, Security, Cabling Upgrades
Medical Center Classrooms
US Army

EyakTek designed and integrated an audio visual, security, and cabling upgrade to over 25 classrooms used for training Army Medical Technicians. This fully integrated system allows technical support center personnel to monitor trouble calls and security around all the classrooms and barracks. EyakTek installed audio visual equipment in each classroom, including custom made podiums with Telestrators and touch screen control systems. Several conference rooms were similarly outfitted, and all equipment was controlled by a state of the art Head-End. To secure the barracks-classroom complex, an IdentiCard Access control system was installed along with hundreds of internal and external CCTV cameras and door alarms. Cabling infrastructure was key to bringing all the components together on this project. All the classrooms were linked by multi-strand fiber and the network was controlled via Cisco products in a communications center EyakTek designed and built. EyakTek provided all the equipment, components, cabling, material, labor, training and technical support for this turnkey project.

Multimedia & VTC Support
U.S. Air Force

EyakTek provides comprehensive support services for multimedia and video conferencing equipment in meeting rooms and conference rooms at Wright Patterson. The scope of work includes servicing existing equipment, supplying replacement parts, and providing new equipment when requested.

AV Upgrades
CCAD, IT Division
US Army

The Information Technology Division of the Corpus Christi Army Depot needed to upgrade and standardize the A/V resources throughout the Depot’s campus. EyakTek provided a design plan and A/V upgrades for each of fifteen rooms including conference, meeting and break rooms. We furnished and installed A/V equipment, a variety of projection devices and screens; cabinets and furniture with hidden cable management features; and audio sound reinforcement. Project included all wiring, mounting, programming and connectivity, as well as new plasma/LCD screens and DVD equipment in break rooms and areas not designated for collaboration equipment.

VTC System
Director’s Office

The Director of FAA in Washington D.C. wanted to communicate with remote offices, and allow his staff to have video teleconferencing capability with remote office in Seattle, WA and Dallas, TX. During our site survey, the director also requested that we also specify a mobile solution for his office, which was consequently added to the project. EyakTek provided and installed a complete mobile video conferencing system at each of the three locations, which included large LCD display systems installed on mobile bases with audio signals directed to the display’s internal amplification system and Polycom VTC system.

VTC/AV Support
US Treasury
Bureau of Public Debt

The customer has conference, training, and auction rooms, with VTC/AV equipment installed in both their Parkersburg, WV and Washington DC locations. Their one-person IT staff has the responsibility of managing 17 rooms, 13 in the Parkersburg location and 4 in their Washington DC location. EyakTek was engaged to set up a maintenance program, which included support for the entire VTC/AV system and a toll free phone number to call for repair. Along with this maintenance program, EyakTek provided a technology assessment of each room including controller logical flow charts and touchpad layouts used to set up the conference rooms, and a wiring diagram showing the existing interconnecting wiring and ports between installed devices. Documentation and diagrams were provided to the customer.

AV/VTC Design
Defense Threat Reduction Agency

DTRA maintained almost 30 different conference and briefing rooms on their Ft. Belvoir campus, all managed by several operation centers. Based on a pending move to a new facility, Eyaktek was hired to create an overarching audiovisual/video teleconferencing network infrastructure design for the client. EyakTek gathered input from several different user groups to ascertain current and future conferencing needs, then inventoried existing equipment to determine how best to combine it with new technology without creating downtime in availability. Separate designs were completed for audiovisual communications and for video teleconferencing communication based on Non-Classified, Classified and Top Secret user requirements. Built from the design, EyakTek compiled a Bill of Materials for DTRA’s future needs in the new facility.

Audio Visual Upgrade
Ops Center Conf Room
US Army Corps of Engineers

In order to upgrade the audiovisual (A/V) capabilities of the USACE Headquarters command center, EyakTek developed an A/V Concept of Operations Plan, based on scenarios representative of the types of briefings and communications that would be needed by the Corps. This Plan outlined the complete system integration and operational requirements that included: live two-way A/V communications, IT, network, connectivity, and security requirements as well as all necessary facilities upgrade, including modifications to the electrical, HVAC and interior finishes. EyakTek designed the audio visual solution, including a 100‖ by 200‖ wide video wall made up of eight – 50‖ video cubes and associated control systems. The solution was compliant with the necessary security standards that allow for both classified and unclassified video communications. The solution was designed to integrate with both new and existing equipment. Once the Plan was approved, EyakTek managed all aspects of the project including overall project management, A/E design, construction management, and complete procurement, installation, testing and training for the A/V Systems. In order to complete the project within short time constraints and with minimal down time of the Command Center, EyakTek provided the proposal and performed the work in a fast-track turn-key design-build method encompassing all of the project requirements.

Telemaintenance Toolkit
Joint Technical Defense Interface

Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) provides engineering, development, testing, evaluation, in-service support and program management capabilities to the Navy and Marine Corps. The customer needed real-time access to subject matter experts for data exchange in support of the global war on terror. EyakTek provided a proactive telemaintenance capability allowing remote Subject Matter Experts to view real-time and archival high-resolution video, voice, and data from combat operations in forward deployed Expeditionary Airfields. TechCam (Technical Camera) is a technical component of the solution utilizing software that allows remote video access from a variety of video sources in order to assess and recommend corrective actions. The HRTT solution is ruggedized and fully deployable to support the mission of JTDI.

Global Broadcast Service
U.S. Armed Forces

The Global Broadcast Service (GBS) provides a critical information tool to the United States military. Our armed forces use the communications made possible by the GBS program to provide continuous one-way high-speed information flows to our troops deployed in the field. These critical information flows support routine operations, crisis response coordination, strategic and tactical battlefield information dissemination, as well as troop morale, health and welfare broadcasts. The joint program office responsible for the GBS program selected Raytheon IIS to design and produce the ruggedized satellite receive suites used to receive and decode the information broadcast over the GBS system. These receive suites are deployed to the field and used at the unit level.

EyakTek provided support to Raytheon IIS by procuring and integrating the various COTS and custom components into satellite receive suites. EyakTek procured and integrated an average of 115 components for each individual receive suite produced. EyakTek worked as a partner with Raytheon IIS to identify improvements to Raytheon’s assembly procedures and design. In 2004, EyakTek won Raytheon IIS’ supplier of the year award for our support of this effort.

VoIP System
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Regional Headquarters

EyakTek designed and installed a Cisco VoIP system for the Mississippi Valley Regional Headquarters. This system provided the Corps with centralized voicemail and 911 capabilities which allowed emergency calls to be automatically routed to the nearest emergency facility for rapid response. EyakTek also upgraded the network cabling and wiring at the downtown headquarters building to support the network, internet, and telephone systems.

IP Telephony Implementation
US Army Corps of Engineers

EyakTek managed the installation of an IP based telephony system for several satellite locations within the Vicksburg District of the Army Corps of Engineers. Prior to the installation of all required hardware and software, EyakTek ensured that all server upgrades and LAN/WAN configurations were in place for the deployment. This included proper subnet and routing configurations, Quality of Service configurations on LAN/Wan devices, including access to T-1 lines for remote sites and the remote routers, and Power over Ethernet configurations. Once the Cisco Call Manager and Cisco Unity clusters were installed, EyakTek migrated phones and analog lines from the existing platform to the new routers and then set up voicemail and Auto Attendants. Installations ranged from 50 phones, with the ability to expand to 611 phones, for the Corps’ main call processing center to 179 phones at another site.

IP/TV Network Design
Air Force Reserve Command

AFRC was expending enormous costs for cable television service needed at their users’ desktops at installations throughout the continental United States. EyakTek designed and installed a networked video solution to the Air Force Reserve Command at 12 AFRC bases across the country. The IP infrastructure design included video-on-demand servers integrated for commercial broadcast television as well as government proprietary broadcasts such as the Pentagon Channel and the Commander’s Channel, and a wide range of video management functionality at the desktop. The solution virtually eliminated the need for cable television and associated infrastructure support at most locations, while also enhancing video capabilities. EyakTek also provided project management and support services, including maintenance and training.

Integration Services
Command Post Technologies

EyakTek assembled & Integrated 40 transportable cases which featured the AN50e wireless Point to Multipoint technology combined with Cisco VOIP, router switch configuration that provides long range wireless connectivity. This integrated assembly offers Voice & Data connectivity for the Brigade units. EyakTek and partners developed 802.16 configuration and antenna pointing videos to offer immediate training for the support of the Brigade communications staff.

Desktop & Laptop
Acquisition & Installation

The Transportation and Security Administration had more than 18,000 desktops and laptops in service throughout the agency that were obsolete and out of warranty. Under a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), EyakTek provided equipment and services upgrades to almost 600 sites, including more than 16,500 desktops and laptops, as well as monitors and a full range of installation-related IT services performed by EyakTek’s technical engineers. These services ranged from configuring and installing systems to the back up and restoration of users’ data. In addition, EyakTek was responsible for tracking and updating the agency’s inventory and disposing of legacy equipment.

Power Management
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The customer needed an uninterrupted power supply for the data center in their disaster recovery/continuity site. Eyaktek installed and programmed a scalable, modular, high-efficiency 3-phase power supply to integrate seamlessly into the data center.

IT Refresh
Department of Labor

Mine Safety and Health Administration, (MSHA) needed a centralized effort to replace IT equipment in all of their offices across the country. EyakTek was awarded a contract to provide end-to-end project management for the procurement and integration of IT equipment for 98 location sites and field offices of MSHA. This included the replacement and installation of all desktops, laptops, monitors, laser and portable inkjet printers, consumables and standard peripherals. EyakTek created a standard replacement cycle for the agency that includes a three year cycle for computers and inkjet printers and six years for monitors and laser printers. We also partnered with Dell in the recovery and recycle process that allowed MSHA monetary credit toward future Dell purchases.

Document Management
U.S. Strategic Command

EyakTek provided USSSTRATCOM with a complete customized document management system. Utilizing a Sun-based platform, EyakTek provided systems engineering and software development expertise to tailor a document management tool that incorporated portable bar code capabilities and a server file management system. EyakTek supplied all the hardware and software for this implementation.

IT Security Solution
Joint Technical Defense Interface (JTDI)
US Navy

EyakTek and its team created a laptop-based demo lab to test new IA security software that could serve as a standardized toolset to help secure JTDI’s internal networks. The software provides a secure enclave to monitor, detect, and quarantine viruses, worms, or incidents of hacking on both mobile and fixed hardware devices. It does so in real time without the need for a previously known signature, and captures forensics while allowing the wireless network to operate as it quarantines a compromised device. If approved, this solution would support the Navy’s mission within NETWARCOM, FORCEnet, ADPO, and within the JTDI infrastructure.

PBX System Analysis
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Savannah River District

EyakTek performed a comprehensive analysis of the Savannah District’s existing PBX systems at three Savannah River project locations to determine the best solution based on price, operational requirements and future capabilities. EyakTek evaluated three options: buying three new systems, implementing VoIP, or installing upgrades to the existing PBX system that would support the evolution to VoIP when needed. EyakTek completed the evaluation and provided the client with a detailed report with recommendations based on our findings. The USACE Savannah District is currently implementing the EyakTek recommended solution of PBX upgrades to support a future evolution to VoIP at the three Savannah River Projects.

Optical Character Recognition

EyakTek designed, implemented and supported a solution using GPS and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that enabled law enforcement officials to identify various types of illegal activity and offenders, and intercede as necessary. This technology enabled GPS-coordinated data to be date/time stamped and shared across diverse government and law enforcement databases on a near real-time basis. When a match was made, the system sent an automated, instantaneous alert to aid in the apprehension of a criminal offender. This solution can be positioned in fixed, mobile, or covert units. Fixed units are typically mounted on poles; mobile devices deployed on moving vehicles; while covert units may be concealed in speed trailers, traffic barrels, taxi signage, ladder racks, or even in mounted toolboxes on pickup trucks.

GIS Technician
Naval Facilities Engineering Command

EyakTek supplies a GIS technician to NAVFAC MIDLANT who is responsible for the creation, editing, maintenance, and quality assurance/quality control of all mechanical and electrical utility GIS datasets. As part of the scope of work, the EyakTek technician is tasked with extracting specific types of physical data from the GIS database to prepare reports, provide statistical documentation, and who interfaces with and supports all NAVFAC MIDLANT staff and contractors who use GIS data.

GIS Software Development
Department of Justice

The FBI’s iDomain project is an effort to build a geographical information system (GIS) based on the FBI’s current application software (Palanterra) to access government databases. The customer needed to have their system fully integrated within their IDW (Integrated Data Warehouse) architecture and security boundary, and support a user base of 2,000 users of which 500 could be concurrent users.

EyakTek partnered with ESRI to provide software products and configuration services; integration of the software security system with that of the FBI’s security modules; architectural system support and upgrades. The solution allowed the customer to integrate multiple sources of national data into one database that can accommodate 500 users at one time, and can be converted to spatial data (map displayed) to facilitate Homeland Security efforts for the FBI.

CAD/GIS Data Conversion
U.S. Army Forces
Central Command (USARCENT)

To establish a framework for their Enterprise Data Management System (EDMS) and establish a process forlong-term document management, EyakTek developed and deployed a fully functional model integrating USARCENT Real Estate and Real Property data into their Infrastructure Spatial Intelligence Portal (ISIP). ISIP is an Enterprise Geospatial solution that integrates collected property data with other facility-based information. Further efforts expanded the model into a fully functional work environment. This solution provides the end-user with access to documents containing a geospatial component and other content within the EMDS via ISIP. In addition to the migration of all spatial data, all non-spatial data was migrated to the EMDS as well.

CAD/GIS Technician
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
NY District

EyakTek provided a CAD/GIS technician to prepare technical drawings and presentations and to provide other graphical support as required by the USACE district headquarters in New York.

Engineering Support
Geospatial Mapping Software Prototype
US Army Europe

The Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM) program in Europe needed a GIS application to support land use planning decisions and disseminate spatial data to military decision-makers. EyakTek worked with ESRI to provide engineering support in developing and installing a software application prototype for the next generation ITAM Mapper. The project required assembly and testing of the prototype code and then installing it at the agency’s Joint Multinational Training Command in Grafenwoehr, Germany.

Network Management
U.S. Navy

As part of the Ashore Transformation Project, EyakTek was awarded a five year contract to design and implement a software solution that could monitor and manage network-centric ship to shore communications. The project included the configuration and installation of more than 75 Enterprise Sun servers across three SPAWAR locations, including network hardware and software from Micromuse, Cisco, Juniper, and McAfee. The contract required EyakTek to have Secret Facility Clearance.

Staff Augmentation
Helpdesk Support Services
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

DLA Information Operations Columbus/J-6C provides IT and Telecom services including help desk support, LAN administration and support for its secured Network Operations and Security Center (NOSC). EyakTek supports the staffing requirement of DLA by providing highly knowledgeable and skilled Level I, II and III Help desk support for the DLA-J6C mission and their customers, including 1) technical guidance and implementation assistance, 2) end user support, 3) NOSC Service Desk Specialist, and 4) CERT Action Coordinator. The work performed under this contract requires active security clearances up to the secret level.

Staff Augmentation
Installation Management Command (IMCOM)
US Army

IMCOM provides installation capabilities and services to support expeditionary operations in times of conflict, and to provide a quality of life for soldiers and families. EyakTek supported Booz Allen in meeting IMCOM’s requirements to provide technical staffing, planning, and analytical support to IMCOM’s South East Regional Office.

Systems Engineering
U.S. Army Environmental Center (AEC)
Aberdeen Proving Grounds

EyakTek provided on-site systems engineering support for the design, development, and deployment of Oracle database architectures for the Army Environmental Center. The scope of work included developing the components of the U.S. Army Environmental Database and Analysis Toolkit, testing, then managing the migration of the legacy database to the new Oracle database and training Army personnel on the new system.

Staff Augmentation
Indian Health Service

The Indian Health Service (IHS) is responsible for providing federal health services to American Indians and Alaska Natives. The customer needed a seamless transition of personnel to assist and support the National Patient Information Reporting System’s (NPIRS) operations capabilities of the National Data Warehouse as they upgrade to a new, state-of-the-art, enterprise-wide data warehouse environment. Eyaktek is managing, maintaining and enhancing the NPIRS for IHS and has facilitated the transition by providing 17 incumbent employees working as database administrators, developers, business analysts and engineers, minimizing the learning curve and interruption of productivity. As a result, the transition was completed more quickly; and new development and growth in functional areas could be initiated sooner.

Network Security
NASA Ames Research Center
Competency Center for IT Security (CCITS)

CCITS, responsible for NASA-wide IT security initiatives, policies, procedures, standards and architecture, needs to be constantly vigilant about monitoring the state of their cyber security infrastructure. They required an independent forensic capability to study and provide insight into incidents and recommend measures to prevent similar incidents from reoccurring—as well as to identify threats to their IT infrastructure—all in real time. NASA needed assistance to set up their Security Operations Center (SOC).

EyakTek consulting services provides security analysts and specialists for computer and network security monitoring and incident response support to monitor, identify and resolve threats to NASA’s IT infrastructure. The project includes Program Management, Project Managers, Intrusion Analysis Engineers, Security Analysts, Security Specialists and 24/7 staffing of the network intrusion detection center for on-demand incident response.

Security Mgmt. Solution
Enterprise Security Operations Center

EyakTek provided network security engineers for NOSC support, as well as training, product support and implementation services for security management software that allowed the FBI to more easily monitor internal and external threats. The solution included monitoring sources of security information and consolidating all the data into a single database, which then provided the customer with 360° intelligence by correlating events from multiple devices in real time.

Data Mgmt. Support
Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory
ERDC, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

EyakTek provided the Coastal and Hydraulics Lab with onsite support of data management and data systems development and maintenance. The scope of the project encompassed developing and exercising procedures for managing and executing the workload of the data systems support, primarily for Windows-based PCs and networks. EyakTek was responsible for directing all phases of hardware/software evaluation, testing, integration, documentation, and implementation, insuring compliance with all USACE security requirements. This included installation and maintenance of Internet browsers, electronic mail, office automation, financial management and database software. EyakTek ensured networked connectivity for all users to a variety of networked Window-based UNIX and LINUX servers in support of executive, program management, and technical staff.

Engineering Services
Air Education &Training Command (HQ AETC)
Randolph Air Force Base

EyakTek provided HQ AETC in San Antonio with technical support for all aspects of the base operational contracting mission, including analysis, management, IT, planning, and programming support. The work included budget development and justification, program and requirements analysis, technical assessment, transition planning and execution, development and presentation of technical training solutions, command-wide technical support and analysis of the customer’s legacy contracting system.

Engineering Support
Air Force Central Personnel Center (AFPC)

The Headquarters Air Force Personnel Center in San Antonio had deployed the Air Force Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS) as an implementation of Oracle Human Resources. The implementation consisted of approximately 1.5 million lines of PL/SQL custom forms, custom reports, and customized interfaces to external systems. HQ AFPC inherited this system with little documentation or specifications, causing deployment and sustainment to be a challenge. EyakTek provided engineering support services to compile a comprehensive documentation of the system, including functional requirements, a concept of operations document, process flow charts, design specs, functional and test system plans, and a gap analysis of the project.


Deployable Communications
Commandant of the Marine Corps
Marine Corps Barracks

The Commandant of the Marine Corps required a secure, uninterruptable mobile communication solution that would allow connectivity in remote areas. EyakTek provided a deployable communications bridge for the personal use of the Commandant, enabling him to establish a secure network connection within areas around the United States and in “Areas of Interest” throughout the world. The unit, small enough to fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane, allows multiple classification levels of data to use cellular broadband, satellite connectivity, and wireless communications in a redundant manner. When in use, the Commandant has connectivity to various enclaves, either classified or unclassified, stationery or from moving vehicles, within his home network, and fails safe across his different network links.

Operational Support
Distributed Distance Training Center
Pennsylvania National Guard

EyakTek is providing the Pennsylvania National Guard with operational support for a satellite-based remote training facility (distance learning services) and NOC support that includes Operator training in deployable satellite equipment, the support and monitoring of each DDTC satellite system, Satellite System/Network Management and control, and Information Assurance support.

The solution is comprised of transportable kits that include VSAT’s, PCs, video, and audio equipment for remote classrooms. This technology enables the guard to provide training in the field, with access to the internet and programs such as Army Knowledge Online (AKO), for continuing education.

Satellite Services
North East Regional Response Center (NRCC)

EyakTek provided satellite bandwidth and connectivity services to users of the NRCC. In addition, EyakTek supplied a variety of system solutions, including fly away kits, BGAN terminals, and Mobile Command Vehicles that are utilized by the NRCC. 24×7 support for connectivity were included in EyakTek’s services.

Satellite Communication Services
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
National Parks Nationwide

There are 498 recreational parks that are managed by the Army Corps of Engineers, all linked by a centralized reservation system. EyakTek is supplying satellite communication services to provide internet access for the on-line registration system. At each park, EyakTek installs a VSAT dish and performs necessary site provisioning to provide internet bandwidth, including 24×7 Network Operation Center support.
SatCom Services
Voice & Data Communications
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

EyakTek is providing satellite communications systems on board six Corps of Engineers vessels located in the Vicksburg District, enabling voice and data communications back to their land based computers. EyakTek installed Sea Tel antennas on the vessels, set up an on-shore earth station to complete the network, and provides backhaul to the USACE communications network. The boats use this network to communicate by VoIP phones, internet, and for networking. EyakTek also provided the storage systems that each vessel uses for local backup and installed a centralized onshore backup storage units for secondary support. EyakTek also provides 24×7 support of the network.

EyakTek provided the same satellite and backhaul services for two Corps of Engineers vessels in Memphis District utilizing Orbits antennas.

Satellite Communications
U.S. Army

CSS SATCOM provides satellite communications services for the Combat Support Services units of the U.S. Army (Logistics, Personnel and Medical). This capability is a combat-capable, global service that can be successfully deployed and operated by non-technical staff with minimal training. It merges digital IP technology with the analog RF satellite transport media. The data and VoIP service is based on commercially-available components and leading-edge technology consisting of: Ku-band satellite air time across multiple satellites providing seamless global coverage Commercial teleports with dedicated IP and RF facilities for CSS 7 x 24 Network Operations Center and coordinated, multiple help desks in support of portable, user deployable satellite terminals Secure access to military data networks and key applications Extensive, redundant terrestrial network to tie together the teleports, points of presence and network centers Global IP addressing plan that allows any portable terminal to easily access the network from any coverage point.

With over 1,900 VSAT terminals and 3,900 VoIP handsets to-date, the CSS SATCOM solution and network is extensively deployed in the combat areas of the Middle East, the hurricane relief sites in the U.S. and training and deployment facilities world-wide.


Satellite Communications
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
OCONUS sites

EyakTek supports 56 sites in Iraq, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Egypt for the Army Corps. EyakTek provides bandwidth for telephone, internet, and networking that allows field units to communicate between sites using the Corp’s financial management system application (CFIM).
This bandwidth includes backhaul connections and supports point-to-point connectivity between the OCONUS sites, Ashburn and Winchester, VA, and Vicksburg, Miss. The solution includes VSAT dishes, modems, switches, trunking gear, the ground station, and the backhaul network. EyakTek also provides 24/7 support services.

Communications Services
Reach-back Solution
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, HQ

In support of the operational requirements of the SCIF at the USACE Reachback Center, EyakTek provided an upgrade solution that enabled Corps employees deployed in the field to reach-back via secure satellite communications technology. This includes email, telephone, data transfer, video conferencing that connect the worldwide network of Corps expertise. The solution included servers and storage, PCs, networking and switching, as well as CAD/GIS software such as ESRI and Adobe.

Site & System Deployment
Land Mobile Radio
Army DOIM Office

As part of the Army’s move to upgrade to a P25-compliant digital trunking system, EyakTek provided a turnkey solution for land mobile radio system deployment at Fort Carson. The initial phase of this project was designed to give additional coverage in critical areas, and provide coverage where there were existing holes. This phase included all fixed network provisioning as well as installing coax line, cabling and repeaters on existing communication towers, and reutilizing existing infrastructure as much as possible by moving existing repeaters to different sites. As part of the radio system deployment, EyakTek performed RF analysis, radio system design to include Over the Air Re-keying (OTAR) and final installation with acceptance testing and training.

Site & System Deployment
LMR Telecommunications
Custom and Border Protection

EyakTek is providing a turnkey solution for LMR telecommunications site design and radio system deployment at two new sites in Maine. Because of the rugged remote locations of these sites, EyakTek is providing the logistical support necessary to design and deploy LMR networks in this terrain. This includes site acquisition and regulatory and NEPA evaluations, site due diligence, and full site and infrastructure design. It also includes radio system design and RF analysis, equipment provisioning and full system deployment.

Facilities Planning
Communications Link Facility
U.S. Coast Guard

As part of a real property transfer for this communications facility from the US Navy to the Coast Guard, EyakTek was brought in to perform facilities planning due diligence, identifying major facility projects necessary for the transfer. EyakTek conducted Phase I and II Environmental Due Diligence Audits (EDDA), concentrating on suspect asbestos containing material (ACM), lead based paint (LBP) testing, and soil sampling. The Phase II activities confirmed the presence of both ACM and LBP at the facility as well as the presence of petroleum in the soil adjacent to the above-ground storage tanks. The Facilities Site Audit identified deficiencies in the building’s existing communications tower. EyakTek provided the Coast Guard with a Rough Order of Magnitude Cost Estimate, Schedule and Implementation plan in order to implement the required remediation and renovation activities to satisfy real property transfer requirements.

ELMR Systems Design
Europe Italian Bases

U.S. Region Europe (USNRE) provides overall command, operational control, and coordination of U.S. Naval Forces in the European Command area of responsibility. Initially EyakTek was asked to provide three stand-alone P25 trunked repeater sites at the NAVSEA Naples at Camadoli, Gricignano, and Capodichio sites. A subsequent award was then issued to provide an overall system design into an ELMR system that would mirror the Navy CONUS effort, and cover the entire USNRE consisting of Rota, Spain; Naples and Siganella, Italy; Souda Bay, Crete Greece.

EyakTek services include site assessments; Spectral Fingerprint analysis to measure radio emissions and noise that help validate proposed frequencies; Electromagnetic Emissions (EME) analysis to validate compliance that the antenna installations meet the EME Hazards regulatory standards and host Nation requirements; system architecture design; and facility and infrastructure design. As a result of the successful completion of Phase 1 Design, EyakTek received Phase 2 implementation award, currently underway.

Site & System Deployment
Land Mobile Radio
Bureau of Indian Affairs

EyakTek provided a turnkey solution for land mobile radio system deployment at Pine Ridge. This included all fixed network provisioning as well as installing coax line and cabling on existing communication towers. As part of the radio system deployment, EyakTek performed RF analysis, radio system design to include Over the Air Re-keying (OTAR) and final installation with acceptance testing and training.


LMR Site Upgrades
Customs & Border Protection

EyakTek performed a structural analysis of twelve remote telecommunication sites and handled the equipment provisioning of solar plants and shelters.

Emergency Mass Notification
Air Combat Command (ACC)
U.S. Air Force

EyakTek provided a command-wide deployment of a Emergency Mass Notification System (EMNS) for the Air Combat Command. This system is for both personnel emergency notification and accountability involving approximately 111,000 active duty military and civilians at over 29 ACC locations. The EMNS supports a command-wide, centrally hosted and centrally maintained architecture with distributed permission-based access. Emergency alerts are delivered via multiple net-centric channels, including desktop, audiovisual notifications and text-based messaging to email and handheld devices. Alerts are also delivered via telephone and public address (Giant Voice) systems. Alert recipients are able to respond to unique notifications, which are collected, aggregated, and displayed to command post operators. EyakTek handled the provisioning of redundant backup systems as well as software, service, maintenance, and training support.

Mass Notification System
U.S. Air Force, MacDill AFB
Tampa, FL

EyakTek provided upgrades to MacDill’s existing mass notification system. EyakTek installed two omni-directional electronic siren towers with fully integrated wired connectivity, which expanded the reach of the facility and personnel warning system.

Mass Notification System
U.S. Army

EyakTek expanded Ft. Meade’s existing mass notification system by installing four additional siren towers that were integrated into the overall alert architecture to support the bases encoders.

E911 Communications
U.S. Air Force

EyakTek implemented an upgrade to the Military Base Alarm Control Center (ACC) emergency call processing system at Hurlburt Field. EyakTek designed a solution that integrated land mobile radio, telephony, Emergency Notification, alarm and other applications into a single intelligent console position at the base dispatch center. The solution is JITC-certified for interoperability and information assurance from DISA/DoD. EyakTek provided system design, integration, installation, training and operational support.

Wireless Infrastructure Solution
Army Materiel Command

EyakTek deployed a wireless infrastructure for the Army Material Command (AMC) at Sierra Army Depot, where 11 warehouses are spread over most of the depot. The combined 802.11/802.16 network allowed the users to utilize wireless handheld RFID terminals to scan incoming and outgoing supplies and in real time send the information wirelessly to a central command operational hub running the SARSS logistics application. This wireless infrastructure not only eliminated the cost of laying extensive fiber/copper to connect all the facilities but it also provided extensive flexibility, expandability and reliability to the communications network.

Radio Systems Refresh
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
Gulf Coast States

Due to Hurricane Katrina, DEA’s radio network incurred significant damage. EyakTek worked through the Department of Justice to replace and upgrade DEA’s radio network system at over 60 sites in the Gulf States region of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Network Replacement
Federal Aviation Association (FAA)
C3 Division, Washington, D.C.

The Command and Control Communications (C3) Division is responsible for planning, purchasing, testing and fielding all communications and classified messaging equipment used by FAA personnel, as well as the Very High Frequency/Frequency Modulated (VHF/FM) radio network. Their current VHF/FM network (analog) needed upgrading to become P25 compliant (digital), the standard established for interoperability among radio users. EyakTek was engaged to provide a total system solution, which includes Motorola equipment, implementation, logistical support, program management, design engineering, training and maintenance.

Site Design-Build Services
Joint Program Office
DOJ, DHS, & Treasury

EyakTek provided full turn-key telecommunications site design-build services including site acquisition, A/E/civil design and construction management for the development of wireless telecommunications sites and network operations centers. Our turn-key services included space planning, civil and site design, A/E design, building design, utilities design, environmental/regulatory/zoning review, and construction program management.

Communication Staffing
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

In support of the Army Corps in Winchester, EyakTek provided personnel to oversee data coming from the network into the NOSC of the Transatlantic Program Center. Two network analysts supported satellite communications between Iraq and the U.S., one individual supported the help desk, and EyakTek also provided two mailroom clerks. For budgetary reason, these employees were all converted to government employees at the conclusion of the contract.


Acquisition Support
U.S. Department of Health
NIH, the primary Federal agency for conducting and supporting medical research, is composed of 27 Institutes and Centers aiding researchers in every state and throughout the world. NIH needed an expedited ordering process to satisfy the requirements of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLB), and National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGR).
EyakTek was able to help the customer via simplified acquisition that enabled them to meet their fiscal year end requirements. We worked with NIH to bring them the capability to rapidly procure major medical equipment, including MRI, PET and Ultasound equipment, Biological Microscopes, Genome Analyzers, among other major medical products.

Medical Services
Elmendorf AFB
US Air Force

In October 2004, EyakTek was awarded a contract with the 3rd Medical Group to provide professional medical services. This contract is a centralized Personal Services, Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), Multi-Agency Acquisition Contract with one base year and seven option years. Under this contract vehicle, EyakTek has successfully placed physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, certified nursing assistants, medical assistants, pharmacist, pharmacy technicians, laboratory technicians, social worker, chiropractor and chiropractor assistant in military medical treatment facilities throughout the United States.

EyakTek successfully recruited and provided approximately 90% of the resources tasked and only subcontracted approximately 10% of those requirements. This contract is performance based where delivering resources that meet or exceed the personnel requirements are to be provided within a designated timeline. EyakTek has met or exceeded that goal on every task issued.

DOD/VA Joint Venture (JV),
3rd Medical Group
US Air Force

The DOD/VA JV Project provides 3rd Medical Group (Air Force) and the Anchorage VA a cost comparison/reimbursement process in order to eliminate the duplication of costs/services to the Active Duty, Retirees and Veterans Population. There are five positions associated with this part of the contract and they are CBRSO Supervisor, Health Systems Planner, Program Assistant, Data Analyst and Accounts Receivable Technician. Since inception some of the following processes/actions have been implemented:

    • New billing process VA ER patients
    • Individual billings were completed for each patient
    • Detailed planning for the OR and data collection process established for OR utilization
    • Billing inaccuracies identified from inaccurate patient category in CHCS Patients not properly categorized and not all encounters in CPRS being closed out were identified
    • Forecasted required space for new clinic designs
    • Coordinated each agency’s warehouse departments to finalize recommendations for the purpose of integrating warehouse space
    • Identified and decided that the 3 MDG CSS facility could handle additional workload from the VA clinic
    • Identified a deficiency for Lab & Radiology visits in the billing process, as the CPT & ICD9 codes are unavailable to retrieve electronically
    • Implemented a weekly billing cycle for inpatient and ER visits, providing a more even workload and quicker turnaround time for payment
    • Facilitated the Medical library integration to consolidate the two libraries

Consulting & Tech Support

Ft. Detrick Army Medical Command (USARMC) was directed to migrate multiple applications from their current environment (Oracle 9i) to an Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS-based system, Oracle 10g).

EyakTek’s Oracle developers migrated multiple applications from the USAMISSA Enterprise Service, to an Army MEDCOM-approved platform, as well as continued support for their legacy application. Eyak developers were responsible for requirements analysis, database/application design, data modeling (logical and physical), application and interface development, system/unit testing, training, deployment and documentation. This project required in-depth knowledge of U.S. Army and DoD Health Affairs security policies and procedures, software documentation, design and development standards, software design, development practices and methodologies, plus quality assurance, configuration management and system administration.

Business Process Reengineering
Office of the Surgeon General (OTSG)
U.S. Army

EyakTek provided assistance to the Decision Support Center (DSC) and Directorate of Health Policy and Services (HP&S) within the Army OTSG to streamline work processes and improve clinical strategies for the Army Medical Department (AMEDD).

Internet Implementation

Defense Medical Human Resource System Internet (DMHRSi) is designed to deliver a functionally integrated, web-based human resource information management system to Tri-Service customers. Eyaktek is providing 5 data and systems analysts on-site to support the DMHRSi implementation.

Staff Augmentation
Operations & Health Care Admin Specialists
U.S. Army

EyakTek provides a Medical Operations Specialist that serves as Headquarters Staff Officer, supporting medical crisis action teams in planning, execution and after action review phases of events requiring military medical support, including joint service exercises, civil emergency, combat and war, and peacekeeping, with the purpose of developing and publishing the future guidance for Emergency Management Planning. Our Health Care Admin Specialist serves as a TRICARE subject matter expert and Health Benefits Advisor for civilian and military personnel.

Staff Augmentation
Physician Assistant & EMT
U.S. Army

EyakTek provides six on-site Physician Assistants and EMTs to work with physician in Aid Station for active duty, reservists, and government employees, by providing planning and training for high-risk operations and medical care.

Staff Augmentation
OB GYN Physician

EyakTek provides on-site Obstetric/Gynecologic Services at Ireland Army Community Hospital (IACH) in Ft. Knox, Kentucky, a restricted access military installation. Services provided are part of the managed care network of providers under the Department of Defense TRICARE Program. EyakTek provided a board-certified physician, whose primary purpose is to provide a full range of high-level quality health care and ancillary services, including surgical and emergency procedures, in the diagnosis and treatment of Obstetrical/Gynecological patients.

Staff Augmentation
Nursing Services
U.S. Army

EyakTek provides on-site Registered Nursing Services as needed to Ireland Army Community Hospital (IRACH), in conjunction with other health care providers and professionals at IRACH.

Staff Augmentation
Clinical Psychologist

Utilizing Telepsychiatry, Walter Reed Army Medical Center enlisted EyakTek to provide a Clinical Psychologist whose primary mission is to perform professional psychiatric services, comprehensive patient evaluations, and to practice outpatient psychiatry at WRAMC and other medical treatment facilities within the North Atlantic Regional Medical Command.

Staff Augmentation
Physician Assistant Perfusion Services

EyakTek provides a Technical Advisor and Vascular Physician Assistant (PA) of Perfusion services on site at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Walter Reed Army Medical Center School of Perfusion Technology. EyakTek provides on-site Certified Clinical Perfusionist (CCP) and Certified Physician Assistant (PA-C) with experience in perfusion procedures, including emergency cardiopulmonary support.

Support Services
Central Appointment Service

The TRICARE Flight’s Central Appointment Service (CAS) provides appointing and scheduling support within the 3rd Medical Group for over 41,000 beneficiaries, both active duty and retired.

EyakTek provides on-site technical, operational, administrative and managerial support to the CAS in 14 clinical areas. The EyakTek staff is responsible for problem identification and resolution, developing and maintaining standards on problem escalation and prioritization, and capturing and documenting best practices. The EyakTek staff configures, operates, and maintains all desktop and telephony systems associated with the aforementioned processes and functions.

Staff Augmentation
TBI Cell Phone Initiative

TATRC (Telemedicine and Advanced Technologies Research Center) is part of USAMRMC Headquarters, and manages Congressional Special Interest research programs encompassing technology research. The Teletraumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Cell Phone Initiative serves as the focal point for Regional Medical Commands and Community Based Health Care Organizations for all tele-TBI cell phone initiatives.

EyakTek currently provides a RN Case Manager whose responsibilities include coordinating the services required for Government beneficiaries at Community Based Health Care Organizations located in Redstone Arsenal, AL. Case Managers communicate with patients via cell phone and text messaging, assisting them with making and keeping appointments, and keeping in contact with their caregivers. Responsibilities include management, supervision, teaching, consultations and reports.

Staff Augmentation
Technical Director & Technician Asst.

EyakTek provided a certified Vascular Technologist as Technical Director, with experience in Vascubase software and vascular procedures to perform diagnostic imaging services to patients at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

EyakTek also provides a Vascular Technician’s Assistant to perform total patient care activities and procedures whose responsibilities include, but are not limited to: assisting in surgical procedures, conducting daily hospital rounds, scheduling surgical cases, handling daily urgent and emergent schedule changes, support services, providing follow-up care, evaluations, and discharge planning summaries and administrative support.

Critical Infrastructure

Installation Services

US Navy

The Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS) was implementing a systems upgrade at two SCIFS housed in their Washington, D.C. facility. EyakTek was hired to project manage the installation of cabling and wiring to support the upgraded equipment.

Infrastructure Services
Defense Intelligence Agency
Joint Forces Training Base

Los Alamitos had an older SCIF that did not meet security or environmental requirements. EyakTek was hired to provide the upgrades to the SCIF that were necessary to meet NSA standards. EyakTek also upgraded an existing server room, adding racks, fire suppression system, UPS and environmental cooling. This included reinforced construction of the perimeter walls, generator and UPS power backup, mechanical and electrical with redundant systems, cabling, and special enclosures to house special videoconferencing equipment. EyakTek extended the security barrier of the facility via an intrusion detection system that included access control key pads, cameras, passive infrared motion detectors and Balanced Magnetic Switches (BMS) on the doors, all tied back to the command center at the Provost Marshall’s office on base. EyakTek also installed a FM200 fire suppression system and is installing new computer workstations, a secure encrypted phone (STE) system that meets NSA security standards and provided filtering for the SIPRnet, NIPRnet, and the power systems.

SCIF Modifications
Defense Intelligence Agency
USAR Center

Eyaktek was contracted to refurbish and provide a complete system upgrade and physical modifications to an existing Secure Data Processing Center within a SCIF at the USAR Center at Ft. Meade. The renovation project encompassed a new generator and UPS system, along with a FM200 fire suppression system for their server room. The work also included the demolition of an outdated heating system, installation of a new HVAC system, new computer workstations including furniture and computer hardware, as well as new paint, ceiling tiles, cove base and carpeting.
SIPRnet Café
Defense Intelligence Agency
USAR Center

In support of our customer’s requirement for a SIPR café, EyakTek converted and renovated existing space consisting of three small outdated rooms into one large area capable of seating more than 20 people. The project included demolition of walls and windows, installation of new ceiling and lighting fixtures, new paint, carpeting, doors and hardware, new HVAC and UPS backup systems, and new computer workstations together with computer equipment.
Infrastructure Upgrade
Engineer Research & Dev Center
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

In preparation for the arrival of new supercomputers, the Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) needed to update and upgrade their Information Technology Lab (ITL) facility. As an element of this large upgrade project, and to support the installation of their new supercomputers, Eyaktek was hired to design and implement the critical infrastructure that supports the power and cooling requirements for the facility. This included the installation of two 500-ton chillers and 2 megawatt generators, in addition to UPS, transformers, switch gear and thermal storage systems.
Data Center Network Upgrade
CEEIS-NOSC Communication Room
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

EyakTek was responsible for upgrading the networking equipment between the ERDC Data Center and a new Communications Room in Vicksburg. This included installing raised floor enclosures for the data center, installing a Raceway between the data center and the communications room, and laying all the required network cabling. The cabling ranged from connecting racks on the data center floor to the communications room running cable and fiber from the communications room to the Cray computers, and connecting all the work tables, server cabinets, and other racks within the facility. All new penetrations were fire sealed or resealed. EyakTek performed all the structured cable inspection, labeling, verification and performance testing and provided a summary to the client within the specified timeframe of the contract.
Data Center Power & Cooling
Engineer Research & Dev Center
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

EyakTek provided two BMW-120-6 Data Center Environmental Units (10 ton capacity) for cooling of advanced computer equipment in ERDC’s High Performance Computing Center in Vicksburg. EyakTek prepared the designated area and installed all necessary power and supply units connections. All equipment was covered under a one-year labor warranty and OEM manufacturers equipment warranty.
Infrastructure Assessment & Design
Engineer Research & Dev Center
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

In support of their ten year plan, ERDC required an analysis of the upgrades or expansions that would be required for their facilities infrastructure. EyakTek performed a survey and assessment of the data center and provided a subjective analysis of the facility’s power and cooling systems that will be required for future computer system upgrades. This included a site survey of existing conditions, validation of facility requirements, needs analysis and verification, and recommendations of options for electrical and mechanical upgrades. EyakTek submitted all findings in a high-level narrative report to ERDC.

Following the expansion study, EyakTek created design documents for the first phase of the upgrade that would be required to support the installation of a new Cray XT3 HPC system. This included drawings and specifications for a chiller farm and a power generation farm, connected to the High Performance Center via underground conduits. Work is now underway to furnish and install the cooling and electrical power backup equipment, including UPS and a new generator.


Communications Network Services
Brooke Army Medical Center
U.S. Army

EyakTek provided communications cabling (voice, data, and cable TV) and network equipment to and throughout the newly-constructed Intrepid Building and two Fisher Houses at Brooke Medical Center. We provided all materials, network equipment, and labor required for the engineering, installation and testing of this project, including both inside and outside plant aspects.

The Outside Plant includes 5,000 feet of 4-way innerduct, installation, splicing, termination, and test of fiber and copper cables. The project also required the installation of fiber optic distribution panels, and 100 and 50-pair protected entrance terminal blocks. The Inside Plant includeed furnishing and installing voice and data drops, wall outlets, single and multimode fiber, fiber distribution panels, 100-pair copper plenum, 110 blocks, racks, and CAT 6 patch panels with various jumpers.
CAD Design & Proj. Mgmt.
Virginia Dept. of Transportation

EyakTek provided technical draftsman services for the Virginia Dept. of Transportation (VDOT), including the creation of electronic blue print drawings, security design drawings, riser diagrams, and equipment wiring diagrams. EyakTek was also responsible for providing equipment technical documentation, maintenance documentation, and overall project management.
Design/Build/Installation Services
ARNORTH Operations Center
5th US Army

The Civil Support Training Group, a Directorate of the 5th US Army, is responsible for training and readiness oversight of National Guard and Reserve units. Due to aging information technology, the 5th Army needed an updated Operations Center (OC) that could provide real-time support to federal and state agencies in times of crisis. EyakTek responded by designing a custom OC tailored to the 5th Army’s requirements and then built a four-room suite on the Ft Sam Houston Quadrangle. The turnkey design included high-level IT and A/V architecture and design. Installation included secure/non-secure video teleconferencing, 20 LCD/Plasma screens, and a complete sound system for the suite. Sixty desktop computers were installed and all cabling, included SIPRNET and NIPRNET, was done in accordance with DoD requirements. The project included build-out of modular cubicles and office furniture, a conference room with a custom table, and a briefing room with 20 custom desks. EyakTek provided on-site operational support, maintenance and training as necessary for the completed Operations Center.
Conference Room Upgrade
Main Conference Room
5th US Army

The Main Conference Room of 5th Army North is used by the Commanding General for award ceremonies, receptions, promotions, and staff meetings. EyakTek was responsible for transforming the original conference room into a state of the art facility with a floor plan flexible enough to support all these functions in the same room. The project encompassed a full suite of audio visual and videoconferencing equipment, including a large rear projection screen, message boards, and several wall-mounted LCD monitors, all controlled by a custom program Touch Screen. All IT infrastructure was upgraded, including SIPRNET and NIPRNET, and cabling, run through new floor pockets imbedded in concrete, and was designed with quick disconnects to allow for easy reconfiguration of the room. Custom desks were outfitted with pop-ups to access cable connections. EyakTek continues to support and maintain the Main Conference Room as a state-of-the-art facility.
Environmental Remediation
High Performance Computing Center

The Army Corps maintains large generators for the electrical requirements of the computer room at their High Performance Computing Center. To provide remediation and ensure that the fuel for these generators was compliant with environmental regulatory standards, EyakTek drained and cleaned the fuel and put additives in to prevent degradation with age. Following this, EyakTek emptied and cleaned each of the generator’s saddle tanks to ensure clean and efficient operations.
Environmental Assessment
Communication Tower Facility
Bureau of Land Management

Prior to erecting a telecommunications tower facility on land owned and operated by the Bureau of Land Management, EyakTek was tasked with preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) to analyze the potential impact to visual and other cultural resources. Following National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) guidelines, EyakTek performed the EA and provided photographic simulations of the proposed site as well as other alternative sites proposed within the Mt. Hood Scenic Corridor. EyakTek coordinated with and secured approval from various agencies such as the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), the Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO), and the US Fish and Wildlife Service during the course of the assessment.
Property Inventory Services
Base Operations
U.S. Army

Ft. Meade is an administration installation supporting the missions of over 114 tenants, representing a wide variety of training, intelligence, and educational programs. The customer needed accurate and current data regarding their facilities and the necessary equipment required to support Base Operation services. The EyakTek team conducted a Real Property Inventory of their facilities, updated the inventory in the Integrated Facilities System (IFS), conducted a Base Operations inventory of approved facilities, equipment and other components, and extended support on an as-needed basis. As a result, real property records in IFS contain current, accurate data and Ft. Meade has inventory information to support Base Operations services, sustainment, repair, and modernization work.
Vulnerability Site Assessments
Veterans Affairs

Fort Harrison Veterans Hospital, Helena, MT
VA Health Administration Center, Denver, CO
Cheyenne VA Medical Center, Cheyenne, WY
Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center, Bonham, TX

EyakTek performed the security portion of a full vulnerability assessment at multiple VA sites. Tasks included evaluation of:

  • Electronic security systems, including CCTV, access control, and intrusion detection Existing physical security, including fencing, bulletproof glass, and reinforced barriers
  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, including the general layout of the hospital campuses, visibility barriers, and traffic flow
  • Security planning measures, including emergency response, use of deadly force, and police training

Following evaluations, EyakTek security engineers provided recommendations to mitigate shortfalls identified.
Physical Security Services
Georgia Army National Guard

EyakTek provides on-site physical security services to the Georgia National Guard to secure personnel, facilities, and critical assets, including government property, weapons, and ammunition.  By assessing local threat and risk analysis through site surveys and vulnerability assessments, EyakTek performs inspection and incident reports, action plans, and corrective actions for physical security systems and equipment.  This includes property accountability during unit mobilization and training for inventory best practices.  EyakTek supports the development of Standard Operating Procedures, Physical Security and Force Protection plans, including bomb threat and evacuation plans.

Physical Security Design

Royal Netherlands Embassy
Washington, D.C.

For this renovation project, EyakTek developed a perimeter security design for the exterior of the embassy compound. This included access control, intrusion detection, CCTV, intercom system and fencing. EyakTek was responsible for writing technical specifications and ensuring that new equipment was properly integrated with existing systems. EyakTek also redesigned the security for the command center/visitor reception area. The design required consolidation of existing equipment as well as upgrading and adding security equipment to ensure an ergonomic workplace. EyakTek provided project management and construction period services for the entire project.
Physical Security Services
Electronic Security System
Crabbs Marina

EyakTek joined a team of professionals to provide security and fire protection engineering services for this new port of entry complex. Working hand in hand with the architects of the project, EyakTek engineers designed a fully integrated electronic security system consisting of access control, intrusion detection, and perimeter protection using sensors and intelligent video detection software, and CCTV. For the fire protection portion of the project, EyakTek performed life safety analysis and designed fire detection and fire suppression systems. An important aspect of the job was to ensure the compatibility of the security and fire protection functions with the resources available on the island to monitor and respond to fire and security threats.
Electronic Security System
National Air and Space Museum
Smithsonian Institution

EyakTek was hired to design an electronic security system for one of the exhibits at the museum, The Treasures of American History. The design included fiber optics, CCTV, intrusion detection and exhibit case alarms. EyakTek was also tasked with writing technical specifications for all equipment and insuring interoperability with existing systems. All project management installation oversight as well as system testing and acceptance were handled by EyakTek engineers.
Security System Services
Secure Visitor Management System
DEA Training Center

EyakTek provided system assessment and program management for the installation and setup of an approved secure visitor management system. This required integrating the security components of two geographically diverse systems into the existing IT network. EyakTek engineers provided guidance on necessary modifications to the IT network and ensured that all components met DEA’s format and operational criteria. EyakTek managed the installation of equipment and provided training to the personnel responsible for operating the system.
Perimeter Security Design
Security Facility
Department of Homeland Security

EyakTek was responsible for performing a full risk and vulnerability assessment for this project, followed by a Concept of Operations and Program of Requirements. EyakTek security engineers created a perimeter security design for the facility that included CCTV, access control, intelligent video, intrusion detection, bollard, gates, barriers, Guard facilities and fencing for a 38-acre campus. Due to the secure nature of the project, no specific details can be disclosed.
Perimeter Security System
Reserve Center
U.S. Air Force

EyakTek provided a complete design/build solution for a perimeter security system for the Air Force Reserve Center in Orlando, Florida. EyakTek installed 3000 feet of security fence, two motorized gates with access control and intercom systems, three heavy-duty swing gates for perimeter maintenance, and several cameras to cover the gates, facility parking lots, and perimeter boundaries. EyakTek also installed communications conduits for the CCTV and access control. Other work included locating existing underground routes of major communications conduits, power circuits, water and sewage pipe, sprinkler systems, and drainage systems and removing heavy foliage and trees along the perimeter routes to ensure at least a 6-foot clearance on either side of the fence line.
CCTV Installation
Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC)
U.S. Army

EyakTek was contracted to provide and install sixteen fixed model Sony IP-based closed circuit television cameras at Brooke Army Medical Center’s North and South side ambulance canopies. The project included the installation of category 5e and power supply cabling to each camera location using existing conduit pathways, routing into the existing equipment rack in the Telecommunications Room. The team also installed a Cisco Catalyst 24-Port switch in the existing racks for the termination of the 16 camera cables, as well as Cisco Catalyst PoE switches and GBIC fiber transceiver installation. With all network connections and camera installations completed, the team performed the testing and cutover of the system with BAMC technical representatives. Responsibilities also included the Project Management of other deliverables such as CAD drawings, hardware and installation, close-out documentation, red-line and as-built drawings, wire run lists and test results.
Physical Security Upgrade
Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC)
U.S. Army

EyakTek was responsible for the installation of an upgraded electronic security system for the Lincoln Center at BAMC, including access control for the main entry, four corridor doors and the communication room; providing all cabling, electric locks, request-to-exit devices, door contacts, head-end equipment, power supplies with back up, circuit boards, installation, programming and testing; as well as dedicated internet access. The EyakTek team installed a CCTV system with ceiling mount enclosures for all cameras, power supplies, network switches and cabling. We provided the network connection between the Center’s seventh and third floors, and installed safety shield and wet glaze for bomb blast mitigation on windows located in the Warrior Resiliency Program (WRP) offices. On completion of the project, EyakTek provided a complete set of as-built drawings.
CCTV & Camera Installation
Brook Army Medical Center
U.S. Army

Brooke Army Medical Center Security Department needed to remove their existing analog camera system, with a total of 40 cameras, and replace them with a Sony PoE capable camera system within the Bed Tower areas, hospital roof areas, and other outlying buildings. Six completely new camera locations were also needed.

EyakTek disconnected and removed cameras and cable connections at each location, gutting out and replacing the old cable and installing new cabling for each of the six new interior locations. The project included the replacement of existing interior cameras with flush mount ceiling housing and cameras, as well as exterior locations replaced with dome housing with heaters and blowers, roof mount assembly and cameras. Gate camera and pole mounting with similar camera configurations were also installed, allowing the new camera to be placed at the appropriate elevation above the gate. Cisco port switches and fiber transceivers were tied into the existing fiber serving the security system to provide network connectivity back to the main BAMC network. Project management included completion and final testing of the new camera configurations.
Data Center Expansion
Stennis Space Center

National Center for Critical Infrastructure Processing and Storage (NCCIPS) is a government owned (DHS) facility located at the John C. Stennis Space Center, and is responsible for data storage space for all federal agencies. As part of their initiative to upgrade the power capabilities of the Data Center, EyakTek provided increased power and cooling capacity with the addition of Transformers, Power distribution Units (PDU), HVAC units and 65 Computer Racks. Power distribution included electrical whips, grounding receptacles and branch circuit monitoring. This effort was one phase in a multi-phase expansion and other phases are currently under contract.
Data Center Assessment
Central Office
Federal Bureau of Prisons

The Central Office serves as the headquarters for the Bureau of Prisons and consists of eight Divisions that provide oversight of major BOP program areas and operations, as well as the National Institute of Corrections. EyakTek performed multiple site surveys to assist the Bureau in selecting a location suitable for its Disaster Recovery Site in the Western Region. This location will serve as the fail over site for the main data center in Washington, DC. EyakTek’s assessments included physical space, security and infrastructure requirements, as well as communications and power considerations. Final site selection has been approved by the GSA, and EyakTek is further assisting the BOP by providing a design and installation review as well as commissioning services for the critical infrastructure.
Ruggedized Power Support
249th Engineer Battalion
US Army Corps of Engineers

The 249th Engineer Battalion (Prime Power) is a power generation battalion assigned to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that provides commercial-level power to military units and federal relief organizations in support of war fighting, disaster relief, and support operations. EyakTek provided four (4) Ruggedized Army 1000 kVA Transformers for integration with the Army’s fleet of transportable generators, whose output will provide primary, back up and emergency power for the Army’s portable data centers, servers and other mission critical Information Technology systems. Three (3) additional units are under contract.