Eyak Technology, LLC (EyakTek), an Alaska Native-owned Small Business, provides award-winning solutions in infrastructure and security systems, communications, information technology, and healthcare services. As a recognized leader in the industry, EyakTek has consistently been ranked as one of the Top 100 Federal Contractors.

EyakTek is a low-risk resource and directly employs subject matter experts in engineering, design, construction and project management. To further establish the right team composition, the company selects partners with complimentary skill sets and cultures who are recognized leaders in their field. The company presents a substantial financial portfolio to support projects of virtually any size or complexity.

We are directly accountable for the success of our solutions and have a thorough understanding of federal contracting regulations to help mitigate contractual or technical compliance tasks.

EyakTek delivers:

  • Turnkey solutions by serving as a single point-of-contact resource
  • Exceptional past performance in large, multi-year task orders
  • Technical and project management expertise
  • Ability to handle all types of contracting needs through the Eyak family of companies