EyakTek Critical Facilities Infrastructure Services

The EyakTek Business Model is Focused On CFI

You will be working with a hands-on team of EyakTek certified engineers, construction managers and IT specialists. We offer extensive experience assessing, developing and commissioning innovative CFI environments for the most demanding clientele in the world. Global in scope, we also employ proven, cost-effective local resources and talent to complement our in-house engineering and program management for projects virtually anywhere in the world.

Our corporate goal will continue to be building long term relationships by providing value. As such, our bottom-line objective will always be the effective, efficient and successful implementation of our client’s vision for a secure CFI environment. This requires a solid combination of outstanding performance, cost effective pricing and enduring quality, as well as insightful planning for the integration of evolving technologies. EyakTek employees are the resources that continue to make this happen.

Security and Fire Protection Engineering

Our security services take a comprehensive approach to ensure systems are in place to protect data, personnel, infrastructure, and property. Designs encompass peripheral security and intrusion detection systems, shielding, and integrated electronic security that incorporate biometrics and other access control and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems for highly secure environments.

EyakTek also provides fire alarm and fire suppression systems design for facilities that require continuity of operations and protection of critical assets. Sprinklers can be redesigned to diminish the chance of accidental discharge through the application of pre-action systems. For additional protection, clean agent fire suppression systems can be installed that diminish the impact to stored data, either electronic or hardcopy, and minimize the downtime for cleanup.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Once you’re up and running, EyakTek can maximize the uptime of your CFI environment and the lifecycle of facility assets through a variety of parts depot, maintenance and monitoring programs. In addition, EyakTek personnel are available