Cloud Computing Contract Vehicles


Contract Number GS00Q11AA0008

The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) BPA focuses on three service offerings available within a public cloud deployment model. The EyakTek Team can deliver all three service offerings, or lots, as described below.

      • Lot 1: Cloud Storage Services
        • Scalable, redundant, dynamic Web-based storage
        • Procure and use data and file storage capabilities remotely via the Internet
        • File and object data storage capabilities on-demand, dynamically scalable per request and via the Internet
      • Lot 2: Virtual Machines
        • Scalable, redundant, dynamic computing capabilities or virtual machines
        • Procure and provision computing services or virtual machine instances online via the Internet
        • Remotely load applications and data onto the computing or virtual machine instance from the Internet
        • Configuration and management of virtual machines via a Web browser over the Internet
        • Procure and provision block storage capabilities for cloud virtual machines remotely via the Internet
        • Block storage capabilities on-demand, dynamically scalable per request for virtual machine instances
      • Lot 3: Cloud Web Hosting
        • Web application hosting services in the cloud: scalable, redundant, dynamic web hosting service
        • Procure and provision web hosting service online via the Internet
        • Securely load applications and data onto the provider’s service remotely from the Internet
        • Configuration of Cloud Web hosting services via a Web browser over the Internet


GSA Shared Services BPA

Contract Number GS-QF0B-BPA-10-0009

Eyak Technology LLC, (EyakTek) was recently one of five awardees on a General Services Administration (GSA) 5 year, $46.4 million Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for shared services and dataset hosting for and the agencies it serves. Under this BPA, GSA offers expanded hosting and related services for agencies that otherwise cannot host datasets for public use, or for those agencies wanting to take advantage of the shared services environment.  While the BPA covers a broad range of services, it includes data storage, format translations, and download environments.


GSA Schedule 70

Contract Number GS-35F-0317S

Open to all Federal agencies, GSA Schedule 70 provides a procurement avenue for IT products and services.