The Commissioning Report will provide the owner with an objective view of systems’ installation, operation and performance, and validate that the design meets the owner’s goals and objectives, and that construction meets the design intent. When situations develop over the life of the facility it also serves as a baseline document of how the systems operated in their original state.

Commissioning Features:

On-Site Component Testing verifies that each component functions as intended after installation.

System Functional Performance Testing verifies that each critical system works in accordance with the design capacity and sequence of operations.

Intersystem Functional Performance Testing includes failure simulation and load testing.
On-Site Testing & Balancing ensures that systems.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Once you’re up and running, EyakTek can maximize the uptime of your CFI environment and the lifecycle of facility assets through a variety of parts depot, maintenance and monitoring programs. In addition, EyakTek personnel are available to provide you with in-house, on-site technical support and/or security management.