The Eyak Foundation

The Eyak Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, was established to support the educational and cultural needs of our Native Alaskan shareholders and their descendants. The foundation provides annual scholarships for both college and vocational training programs, and also supports apprenticeships and internships programs for the shareholders.  EyakTek is proud to be affiliated with the Eyak Foundation and actively supports fundraising efforts on an annual basis.

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2009 Awarded Scholarships

Congratulations to our new group of students who have recently been awarded funds from the Eyak Foundation!

Jamie Foode
Pilot Certification, Bellingham Aero

Krista Eknes
Biology, Seattle Pacific University

Christine Babic
Fine Arts Degree, Pacific Northwest College of Art

Anthony Hughes
Nursing, Arkansas Tech University

Roberta Gordaoff
Anthropology, University of Alaska Anchorage

Ramona Curry
Business Administration, Wayland Baptist University

Kellen Hawley
Physical Education and Health, Southern Oregon Universty

Nicholos Sfakianos
Computer Network Engineer, ITT Technical Institute

Ashley Tiedeman
Visual Arts/American Indian Studies, University of Washington

Savannah Webber
Cosmetology, Paul Mitchell Academy

Cheryl Gordaoff-Johnson
Accounting, Charter College

Heather Tegen
Math/Science, Grays Harbor College

Brittany McDaniel
Associates Degree, North Seattle Community Collete

Amber Christensen-Fox
Business Administration, Fort Lewis College

Jessica Babic
Associates of Art, North Seattle Community College

Samantha Tiedeman
Nursing, Lower Columbia College


2008 Awarded Scholarships

The following individuals were recipients of Eyak Foundation scholarships in 2008:

Joseph Yagmorian
San Jose State University

Anthony Hughes
Arkansas Tech University

Kaila Hawley
Western Oregon University

Barbara Olsen
University of Alaska, Anchorage

Nickolas Sfakianos
ITT Technical Institute

Krista Eckness
Brigham Young University, Provo

Roberta Gordaoff
University of Alaska, Anchorage

Kayley Babic
North Seattle Community College

Kelsey Hawley
Fort Lewis College

Jesse Nelson
Western Washington University

Kellen Hawley
Business/Economics, Chemeketa Community College

Barbara Sappah
Alaska Pacific University

Mitchell Ladd
Alaska Vocational Technical Center

Kanisha Tiedeman
Institute of American Indian Art

Brittany McDaniel
North Seattle Community College

Melina Meyer
Academy of Art University

Christine Babic
Pacific Northwest College of Arts

Jessica Babic
North Seattle Community College